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Hi, I’m Verena. My Team has built 1000’s of sites for businesses and online marketers. We’ve been the most popular web design team on the Warrior Forum since 2010. is our latest project to help marketers generate traffic and sales. On this page, I’ll show you how smart marketers are growing their virtual real estate on the fast track using viral sites.

Why Viral Site?

Google Sucks

Today, it’s harder to rank a new website fast on Google than ever before. Smart marketers now turn to Facebook as their primary source of traffic.

Facebook + Viral = Success

They curate & post viral content that people are eager to like and share on FB, driving tons of traffic to their viral sites for monetization.

Make Money With Zero SEO

Marketers can now make money with no unique content, no SEO. Monetize your site with affiliate products, your own products, t-shirts, AdSense, native ads, CPA offers.

Any Successful Viral Site Stories?

Scott DeLong runs Viral Nova, which aggregates trending stories & pictures around the Web.

It reaches 2 million monthly U.S. visitors, and has made him millions.


Sites like Bored Panda, 9Gag, ICanHasCheezburger, Upworthy, Distractify and many others, have been doing so and make a lot of money monetizing Facebook traffic on their viral sites.

Still Want More Success Stories?


This is a proven model to make a lot of money. Here are a couple more successful viral sites:


1., a military vial video site (worth $1 million)

2., a Christian viral video website (worth $800K)

3., funny animal video site (worth $70 million)

*According to WorthofWeb

Why Run a Site on a Specific Niche & Not a General One?

Spend Less on Fan Acquisition

Today, the general viral-site space is already too crowded, while there are still so many niches out there that are open with wide opportunities. So, niche down. With a niche specific site, you spend less on acquiring Facebook fans. (I’ll show you the steps in the Quick Start Guide which comes with the science viral video site).

Sell Specific Products

If you run a generic site like Viral Nova, you’re pretty much set on running generic ads that please all people. You’ll depend on AdSense income alone. It’s too risky if your entire business is relying on one income source. If you run a niche site, you can target people with specific physical and information products and not depend on AdSense income alone.

More Profitable

You’d be surprised: In a lot of cases, the smaller niche audience can generate greater income simply because you know what kind of products and services you can sell to your audience.

Why Choose the Baby and Kid Niche?


People are obviously excited to share videos about babies and kids. Our brain seems to secrete a kind of love-bonding hormone instantly upon the mere sight of children.

The following video view counts are simply staggering!

This Gets 800 Million Views on Youtube

Do you remember this YouTube video? “Charlie Bit My Finger” has had 800 million views since it was uploaded on YouTube. The video clip was never intended to be anything more than a cute family scene. But the Internet community liked what it saw: a baby laughing while biting the finger of his older brother. Eventually, the video earned insane popularity and made British kids Charlie and Harry, aged one and three, instant worldwide celebrities in less than 56 seconds.

Youtube: Watched Over 130 Million Times

If you love surfing the Internet, you surely have seen “David After Dentist”, the YouTube video of a dazed 7-year-old boy sitting in the back of a car, coping with effects of anesthesia after having had a tooth extraction. The video clip went viral and has been watched more than 130 million times on YouTube. Its popularity gave birth to the buzzword, “Is this real life?”.

80 Million Views & 260K Likes on Youtube

Videos showing babies who are laughing are extremely popular. This one-minute-44 seconds clip is no exception after having gathered over 80 million views and over 260K likes. The clip shows a baby laughing at his father while ripping up a letter. The baby gets so excited that he decides to tear up a credit card statement as well. In a pink overall baby suit, he has become a YouTube sensation!

This Hits 110 Million Views on YouTube

“I don’t like you, Mommy” is one of the world’s most watched and cutest videos of all time that went viral right after it was uploaded on YouTube. The video was posted by the boy’s mother, and shows 3-year old Justin telling his Mom that he only likes her when she gives him cookies. The mother, Ally Jacobs, uploaded it to share with family who lived far away. The video became an Internet sensation fast and has amassed no less than 110 million views on YouTube.

Mommy’s Nose is Scary: 60 Million Views

Undoubtedly one of the most popular cute baby videos on YouTube, this clip features a cute baby showing two emotions while the clip was being taken: fear and joy. He looks scared when he hears his mom blowing her nose but later on laughs. Registering more than 60 million views, this video is certain to put a smile on your face.

Registering More Than 10 Million Views

At over 10 million views, this video of a laughing baby has become an all-time favorite on YouTube. I’m sure you really can’t get enough of this funny baby.

The Emotional Baby: Over 37 Million Views and Climbing

This charming footage of baby Mary Lynne Leroux shows her weeping as she hears her mother, Amanda, sing “My Heart Can’t Tell You No”, a song by Sara Evans. Too shy to sing in public, mom Amanda has obviously found an avid fan at home. Video views are over 37 million and climbing.

Gangnam Style Baby: This Clip Has Been Viewed 30 Million Times

South Korean rapper Psy’s Gangnam tune and dance may be one overplayed tune, but it surely had the power to make people move. Including babies who are asleep! This is clearly proven in this funny video footage showing a baby girl sleeping on a car seat and then suddenly awakens and “dances” when she hears the Gangnam tune.

Why Run a Video Site?


If you’re a lone warrior, running a video site is a lot easier than curating

content from various sources + managing graphics and images with Photoshop.


Just hunt down viral videos on Youtube or Vimeo and share them on your site. Easy!

Get a Baby & Kid Viral Video Site Now

You get everything you need to start making money in the baby & kid niche. Below are the details:

Premium WordPress Site

Premium WP site that mimics the best viral site layout in the industry. Stunning to look at & will impress your visitors!

Viral Videos

24 viral videos already posted. Our Quick Start Guide will show you exactly how to find endless supplies of viral videos for your site.

Amazon Native Ads

Your own Amazon Native Shopping Ads added. Amazon pays 4% – 8.5% per sale. You’ll get paid when your visitors buy, whatever they buy for the next 24 hours.

Mobile Responsive

This site will change its layout in accordance with the dimensions of the device viewing it. Looks great on desktop and mobile devices.

Optimized for Adsense

Optimized for Adsense. Your ads will get clicked without getting in the way of the user experience.

Affiliate Products

We’ve set up amazon banners on every post. We’ll will show you how to add your affiliate links. Everyone tends to buy more from Amazon: Marketers actually “sell” more unrelated products than the ones they promote. This is why people make so much money promoting products that pay between 4-8.5% commissions.

Fast Load Times

Load times have been optimized to ensure that your site is ready in the blink of an eye. You won’t leave your visitors waiting!

Low Bounce Rates

This site has been tested to ensure the lowest possible bounce rates. When your visitors land on your site, they will stay.

Quick Start Guide

This guide reveals how to get your viral site to bring in traffic (and cash) as quickly as possible from Facebook. There is no SEO, no content writing required – at all. You’ll learn exactly how to find endless supplies of viral videos for your site and how to buy cheap traffic using the Facebook ad platform. Content and traffic – those are the 2 most crucial parts for success.

What About Support?


We’re there for you every step of the way. Need help? No problem! We’re just an e-mail away.


Plus our installation guide shows you how to get this site up and running on your domain fast!

Still don’t know how to install it? For $25, we’ll install it for you.

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Some Common Questions

I still don't get it, please explain how it works.
Google is harder to crack these days than ever before.

After numerous algorithm updates in the past few years, it’s harder and harder to quickly rank a new website on Google.

Smart marketers now turn to Facebook as their primary source of traffic.

They curate viral content that people are eager to like and share. We call these viral sites. They share trending, funny and interesting content and videos on Facebook, and send their audience to their viral sites for monetization.

No more spending time on cranking out so-called unique content and building backlinks. No SEO is needed. Duplicated content is welcome so long as you don’t monetize your site with AdSense (there are so many AdSense alternatives these days: Taboola, Outbrain, RevContent. etc.)

Post a couple of viral videos on your site on a daily basis, share them on a Facebook fan page that you’ll create. That’s the whole idea of running and monetizing viral sites.

Apart from video, can I add images and text to the site?
Yes, you can. It’s not just videos, you can add images and articles as well. If you’re a lone warrior, running a video site is a lot easier than curating content from various sources plus managing graphics and images with Photoshop.

Instead, we recommend placing videos on your site. Just hunt down viral videos on YouTube and share them with your visitors. Easy-peasy! The site still gives you a lot of flexibility to grow beyond video content.

I buy a viral video site, then what?
Each of our viral site packages comes with a Quick Start Guide. We show you how to install the site on your own domain fast. Our guide also explains how to get your viral site to bring in traffic (and cash) as quickly as possible from Facebook.

We show you how to buy cheap traffic using the Facebook ad platform. Lastly, you learn exactly how to find endless supplies of viral videos (from YouTube) for your niche site. There is no SEO, no content writing required – at all.

I have a niche in mind, can you custom a viral site for me?
Sure, we can help. Just write to us so we can discuss your chosen niche. We’ll study your niche and tell you if it’s worth marketing by using viral sites. Not every niche can profitably monetize Facebook and social traffic. Drop us a line and let’s discuss the plan for your project. You can reach us here
Which hosting do you recommend?
We recommend Siteground. We use them on our own sites. Start with the lowest package, you can always upgrade your plan in the future when your traffic grows.
How do I contact you guys if I have further questions?
You can reach us here
Question? Ask Us
Drop us your questions, we’ll get back in 24 hours.