Why Do We Have Different Blood Types?

In human blood there are two antigens and antibodies. The two antigens are antigen A and antigen B. The two antibodies are antibody A and antibody B. The antigens are present in the red blood cells and the antibodies in the serum. Regarding the

Fracking Explained: Is This An Opportunity or Danger?

here is fracking explained in five minutes. The first use of hydraulic fracturing was in 1947. The modern fracturing technique, called ‘horizontal slickwater fracturing’, was first used in 1998. It made the extraction of shale gas economical. The energy from the injection of a

Why Do We Go to Space?

Why do we go to space? In the beginning of our space program, the answer had a lot to do with war and paranoia. But with the dawn of the space shuttle, that all changed. Where do we go from here?

The Science of Kissing

There must be a good reason why we kiss. From motherly comforts to testing the genetic compatibility of your “mate” . . . the science of kissing is pretty awesome…

Why Are The Bees Dying?

In the six years leading up to 2013, more than 10 million beehives were lost, often to Colony collapse disorder (CCD), nearly twice the normal rate of loss. Several possible causes for CCD have been proposed, but no single proposal has gained widespread acceptance

Awesome Robot Spider!

A robot spider with incredibly realistic movement. Imagine having a giant one with a belt fed machine gun on it... wow.

Charge Your Cell Phone In 5 Seconds

This enable you to charge your cell phone in 5 seconds, or an electric car in about a minute. Although graphene is indeed an amazing material with fantastic potential, I’ll believe it when I see it. I guess I’ve heard enough hype over the

Future Military Robots

Imagine if we created a mech capable of leveling down entire planets and it malfunctioned into killing everything in it’s path because some idiot accidentally flipped a switch?

How Do Chameleons Change Color?

For a long time it was thought that chameleons change color by dispersion of pigment-containing organelles within their skin. However, research conducted in 2014 on panther chameleons has shown that pigment movement only represents part of the story. Chameleons have two superimposed layers within

How Were the Pyramids Built?

For the dynasty to work for the great pyramid it had to have been built in 20 years. If work was done on it 7 days a week 10 hours a day 365 days a year a stone had to be laid every 2

Why Do Venomous Animals Live In Warm Climates?

Venom is the ‘lazy kill’. Not much energy requirement in producing toxins, huge energy requirements in active hunting. Warm climates do not produce food with high energy content [lots of carbs and some calories, very little fat/protein], hot weather favors smaller animals. Net result